Imagine receiving a mysterious box with clues that will lead you on a fun adventure around Paris…

Our mystery boxes bring that idea to life. Each mystery is based on a specific Paris neighborhood. With each box you’ll get a unique itinerary, fun treats related to the theme of your mystery and clues to help immerse you in the local culture and history. Each story is based on a real event or period in the city’s history!

How does it work?

1. Choose

Choose a mystery box for yourself or as a gift. We offer a variety of indoor and outdoor adventures for you to choose from.

2. Receive

We deliver a mystery box to your home or hotel in Paris. You can also pick up the box at one of our partner locations if you prefer.

3. Explore

Each box includes a self-guided city hunt that will lead you on a unique discovery of a Paris neighborhood or museum.


4. Discover

Enjoy the treats, puzzles and challenges in your mystery box while learning something new about Paris.

What's in the box?

With each box you’ll get:

  • a guidebook that will take you on a self-guided hunt through a Paris neighborhood or museum
  • fun puzzles and games to test your skills in deduction and observation
  • a curated list of unique neighborhood shops, eateries and attractions
  • other Paris treats — local snacks, a mini guide, a book, a tote bag, and more!

This Month’s Box

New boxes shipped every two months.

Hidden Histories

You have received a mysterious package from a secret international crime-fighting organization. Your mission: explore Paris past and present in order to crack the code. Do you have what it takes to become an elite detective?


What People are Saying

“This totally changed our perspective”


We loved our treasure hunt…only wish we had done it earlier in our trip as it was such a great way to explore a tiny corner of Paris. The hints were fun and engaging and there were some really fun facts for all ages.

Erin, Kenya

“Hidden in plain sight”


“What a great way to discover another, hidden in plain sight, view of the city…I learned a lot about the history and culture of the city from the streets and buildings that we all take for granted”

Adam, Singapore


“Off the beaten path”

“Speaking absolutely no French and my boyfriend being from France, it was perfect for the both of us. It was completely off the beaten path…Definitely would recommend to anyone!

Marina, US


“MASSIVE kudos”

“My girlfriend and I thoroughly enjoyed our Treasure Hunt! It was fun and we felt showed us a sort of hidden side of Paris that we probably would have missed.”

Brett, US